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Work better together with deep insights into your engineering workflow

Accelerate velocity and release products faster with visibility into your engineering workflow. Flow aggregates historical git data into easy-to-understand insights and reports to help make your engineer teams more successful.


See your team like never before

Flow gives you unmatched visibility into your team’s workflow patterns so you can identify bottlenecks, compare trends and help your team be as effective as possible.


Stop counting
lines of code

When you understand how your teams are working, you can identify and focus on the work that matters most. 

With Flow, you can:

  • See how much time is spent refactoring legacy code vs. new work
  • Recognize project bottlenecks and remove them
  • Get concrete data around commit risk, code churn and impact to better guide discussions
Work log

Manage pull
requests at scale

Flow provides a powerful visualization of your team’s code review dynamics. Quickly spot unreviewed and old PRs or lengthy discussions in comments. Measure how collaborative a group is and track how these trends change over time.

  • Know if code reviews are productive and positive
  • Scan for uncertainty and disagreement triggers in code reviews
  • Observe team dynamics and patterns in the code review review process
Pull request overview

Build a better
engineering culture

The larger your team, the harder it is to manage knowledge distribution and teamwork dynamics that may be impacting cycle times and code quality. Collaboration in Flow helps you objectively measure these dynamics. 
You’ll see: 

  • What percentage of PRs or commits get 
zero responses
  • What percentage of the team is involved in feedback
  • Are senior engineers providing feedback 
and mentorship
Engineering culture

Connect the dots
between code and skills

Get insight into your team’s effectiveness by programming language so you can see where they're doing well and where they could use your help. With the proficiency report, you’ll see:

  • Commit efficiency by month for each language 

  • Skill IQ data from Pluralsight Skills

  • Skill development and workflow recommendations for your team

customer stories

See how engineering intelligence builds better businesses

“If we were not using Flow, it would be like going back to the Stone Age. We've gotten used to the metrics and the visibility Flow provides us.”

Rob Teegarden, VPE, Dealersocket


Increase in coding days per week


Increase in commits per day


Increase in impact to codebase

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