Create better cloud outcomes with
hands-on experience.

Pluralsight Cloud Labs

Cloud projects are inherently complex

Your teams need the right skills and a place to practice to ensure they’re ready to deliver on your objectives. Cloud labs enable learners to get hands-on practice in a provisioned environment in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (Google Cloud powered by Qwiklabs).

Build confidence in
practical cloud skills

Each lab includes challenges with step-by-step instructions and access to pre-configured cloud environments. This gives your team an efficient way to practice what they’re learning, so they can feel confident as they build their proficiency.

Build confidence

Get ready for in-demand certifications

Prepare your teams for valuable cloud certifications from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (Google Cloud powered by Qwiklabs). We make certification prep simple with paths aligned to specific cloud certs. Teams can learn from expert-authored video courses, then apply their skills with hands-on labs to ensure they've mastered critical concepts.

Get ready for in-demand

Accelerate cloud readiness

Why pay for more vendors than you need? With the addition of cloud labs, Pluralsight is the destination for developing cloud and cloud-adjacent technology skills at scale. Our coverage of the most in-demand cloud certifications of today empowers technologists to achieve their organizations’ cloud-based objectives. 

Accelerate cloud readiness

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